I am a father.  I have 2 teenage sons and 3 teenage stepsons. Having 5 teenage boys is a handful, but they are all growing up and beginning to venture out on their own. The oldest stepson has joined the US Navy and is stationed on the east coast. The middle stepson has graduated high school and is currently enrolled in the flight program at Tarrant County College. My oldest son has decided to see the west coast and is temporarily following his dreams in California. The youngest stepson and my youngest son are due to graduate high school in the next few years.  Seeing the obstacles and job opportunities awaiting my sons scares me to death.  We must bring manufacturing jobs back to the state and country, and set our children up for success.

I am a husband. I am happily married to Carrie, my wife of almost 9 years. She is a loving and caring wife that is also a high school assistant principal in the North Fort Worth area.  She brings her work home with her on a daily basis, where I am able to see the frustrations and issues with educating our children.  She is pursuing her doctorate with Texas A&M University, working full time in education, and raising two of the remaining children that are still at home.  She is a busy woman and I am lucky to be by her side.

No endorsement by the military is implied.

I am a veteran. I served in the US Marine Corps Reserves while I was going to the University of Oklahoma. I was in a flight program, but had to withdraw from my sophomore semester because my reserve unit was activated for Operation Desert Shield/Storm. Unfortunately, I did not return to college after my deployment, and I had to withdraw from the program. After a break of service of over 12 years, I re-enlisted in the military, this time in the Texas Army National Guard as a combat medic.  After completion of combat medic school at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, I deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2008.  During my 12 years of service in the Guard, I served in many positions to include being a medical evacuation platoon sergeant where I was responsible for over 30 Soldiers and millions of dollars in equipment.  I was also the senior enlisted Soldier on a task force, responsible for responding to floods and hurricanes when needed.  I was responsible for over 100 Soldiers and again millions of dollars of equipment.  I was finally able to retire in 2019 with a total of 20 years of combined time in service.

I am a Registered Nurse. I became a registered nurse in 2015, after first becoming a combat medic in 2008. I have worked cardiac floors, emergency rooms, and Covid floors in the Fort Worth area as well as having volunteered for an assignment in NYC for 3 months during the beginning of the pandemic. I ended up working in an ED in northern Manhattan, the Washington Height’s area.  I am currently working again on a cardiac floor at a local hospital in Fort Worth where I began there as a Covid nurse during the peak a little over a year ago. 

 I am a “Red Blooded American.” I am worried about the future of our country. I am worried about the socialist agenda that is being pushed by the Democrat Party. I want to be an active part of society that prevents the Socialistic takeover of the country. I want to leave the country better than it was when I was a young boy.  I want to serve.